5 Best Hotels in Helsinki

Internet is full of many kinds of hotel listings, like booking.com, tripadvisor.com, trivago.com etc. and you can easily find many kind of offers according to your preferences: budget hotel or top end? city center & night life or peaceful family hotel? modern or charming old style? etc. We have selected here 5 different hotels in Helsinki city center, which have something unique or special and still relative good price-quality ratio. 


Hotel Katajanokka

The oldest part of Hotel Katajanokka dates back to 1837 and the main part to 1888. The building originally served as a county prison and pre-trial detention centre. The prison was closed in 2002.

Following extensive restoration work, a high-quality modern hotel opened its doors in May 2007. The open central corridor, red brick outer walls and the high perimeter wall around the park are protected by the National Board of Antiquities and remain as a reminder of the building’s long and colorful history. In early 2017, the hotel underwent a light refurbishment and an extensive interior decoration. The result is a modern lifestyle hotel with stylish décor and exceptional service, set in a historic prison atmosphere.


Glo Hotel Art

The impressive GLO Hotel Art is an arresting sight. Since 1903, it has been one of Helsinki’s premier cultural-historic landmarks – and an archetypical example of the breath-taking turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau style. It is more castle than building, with its majestic towers and balconies. Its imposing walls of grey granite cast an enticing aura, and the playful arch windows and statuesque doors do more to draw you in. Inside there is plenty of ornamentation to delight the eye, with stylized and boldly colorful nature motifs that fascinate at every turn.


Hotel Torni

Hotel Torni (Hotel Tower) is a historical hotel in the center of Helsinki. When it was opened in 1931, it became the tallest building in Finland,  Every room has small details such as tile stoves, works of art and on bathtubs on claw foot pedestals. On the highest floors, impressive city views add a final touch. There are also several restaurants including Ravintola Torni (dining), Ateljee Bar (top of the tower with view over downtown Helsinki, known especially for the toilets which have scenic glass walls to the outside), American Bar (American style bar) and O'Malley's (Irish bar). The Ateljee Bar provides a monthly changing art exhibition featuring Finnish artists.


Hotel Haven

Hotel Haven is situated in the attractive setting of Helsinki’s Market Square. In the elegant yet cozy foyer, guests can relax by the fireplace and browse leisurely through the daily papers. Bar Haven serves both hot beverages and relaxing drinks in the evening. The lounge bar “Bar Haven” is a perfect place for meeting friends. Whatever your reason for travelling - boutique Hotel Haven is your ideal base thanks to its central location.

Hotel Haven's breakfast is set in the beautiful Sundmans' building, the second oldest stone building in Helsinki. Windows in the restaurant dining rooms offer amazing views over the Market Square and harbor of Helsinki.


Hotel Lilla Roberts

Hotel Lilla Roberts, with its restaurant and bar, is created around a very special building. Originally designed in 1908 by one of Finland’s top architects, Selim A. Lindqvist, the building served as the head offices for Helsinki’s Energy Works and housed, among other things, an electrical substation that provided energy for the city center during most of the 20th century.

Nowadays Hotel Lilla Roberts is a cozy and elegant hotel that seamlessly combines the most modern amenities and a trendy lifestyle approach with a quirky 1930s Art Deco interior and other throwbacks to the past. Located amid the ultra-cool design district in the Kaartinkaupunki sector, Hotel Lilla Roberts is just a heartbeat away from the bustling center of Helsinki.