5 Best Restaurants in Helsinki

We have selected here 5 recommended restaurants in Helsinki city center. Few of them are more fine dining and some others more local and historic - But all of them have some very special Finnish tastes with nuances from Helsinki. If you want, you can read more about specialties of Finnish cuisine from here.


Restaurant Sipuli

Restaurant Sipuli is housed in a historic red brick warehouse close to Uspenski Cathedral. Sipuli features seafaring-inspired private dining rooms, a banquet room and Winter Garden. Some example menus: 1) Åland lamb tartar, tarragon aioli and crispy onion - Roast Arctic char, orange beurre blanc and cauliflower - Pear tarte tatin, black peppercorn ice cream and taffy brittle. 2) Light and airy jerusalem artichoke soup with apple - Roast fillet of reindeer, puikula heritage potatoes and blackcurrant sauce - Raspberry parfait, braised rhubarb and almond bisquit 3) Grilled whitefish, crayfish salad and dill mayonnaise - Chateaubriand, buttered beans and garlic and red wine gravy - Malt loaf, marinated cloudberries and citrus curd.


Lappi Restaurant

Food, interior, ambience and friendly service are the major things that make the Lappi Restaurant a “must” place to visit when you are in Helsinki. Pure and most of all fresh Finnish ingredients in all dishes give you a true experience to Lappish cuisine. Chef, Mr. Harri Savolainen, runs the kitchen with a long experience in Finnish, Lappish and international cooking. Some specialities: 1) Grilled fillet of reindeer Cranberry sauce, potato cake, smoked parsnip pureé, honey turnip 2) Smoked fish plate for two Smoked salmon, omelette, mushroom sauce and boiled potatoes; 3) Selection of desserts: Lappish farm cheese in cinnamon cream, Lingonberry mousse, Buttermilk pancake, Finnish cheese with crowberry compote


Restaurant Juuri

Many people today are discussing small producers and organic food. What could be better since at Juuri we have put them in a central position for nearly ten years. We favour the small and local for several reasons, and taste is certainly not the least of them. We have a rule of four P’s for our raw ingredients: Perfect Produce from Preferred Producers. When products are transported from close by they arrive at the table in fresh condition. It is a joy to favour small and local. Some favorites: 1) Organic pork with broccoli 2) Chanterelle with buckwheat and egg 3) Rainbow trout with horse radish 4) Pike perch with zucchini 5) Blueberry with rye


Restaurant Ragu

Ragu means a long brew, and the theme is on the list: particularly intense and long-tasting flavors in meat dishes. Scandinavian tastes and seasonal ingredients are followed by the best Italian wines in Ragu. We are inspired by the Scandinavian kitchen's cleanliness and inventiveness. Our passion is Italian cuisine, wines and wonderful ingredients and we have designed menus that emphasize local specialties and seasonal variations. Some specialities: 1) Roasted quail legs with crispy risotto, pickled chanterelles and sour cherries 2) Poached pike perch with pike perch-crab cake, spinach gnocchies and herring-butter sauce 3) Wild strawberry ice cream with malt granola and salted caramel


Restaurant Konstan Möljä

Restaurant Konstan Möljä is a traditional Finnish restaurant with a Finnish food and maritime atmosphere. Konstan Möljä hounours old Finnish traditions. From the molja, also known as the dock, you can step down to enjoy home made lunch, traditional dinner buffet or a la carte dishes. Plentiful appetizer menu e.g: cold smoked salmon, marinated herrings, mushroom sallad, karelian pie, roast reindeer meat, sea salmon fillet, gratinated vegetables, season dishes, cream potatoes etc.


BONUS: Hawaiian Restaurant Hoku

Wonderful gourmet Hawaiian food, very popular especially during lunch time. Few selected favorites:  OKONOMIYAKI Savory Japanese pancake, cabbage, onions, tiger prawns, served with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, crispy prosciutto SEAFOOD & LUP CHEONG STUFFED KUHA Kuha stuffed with snow crab, prawn, lup cheong, steamed, and served with a tomato-lemon beurre blanc  SALMON TERIYAKI Pan seared with teriyaki sauce. Served with rice, green or potato salad, pickles  DESSERT  Coconut panna cotta and mango - HOKU’s chocolate chip & macadamia cookie with vanilla ice cream