Guided nature trips to Nuuksio and Finnish nature center haltia


  • Explore best parts of Nuuksio National Park with experienced nature & wilderness guide

  • Learn special things from Finnish nature, wildlife, plants and animals

  • Possibility to try yourself traditional fire making skills while enjoying campfire by the beautiful lake (Karelian pies, cinnamon rolls & chaga tea)

Nuuksio National Park is located about 35km north west from the center of Helsinki and it is especially famous of the Siberian flying squirrel (Pteromys volans). Other wild animals there are osprey, moose, lynx, fox, woodpeckers, eagles, hawks, owls and many others.

We will explore stunningly beautiful Nuuksio with short walks on hiking trails. Lot of clean air, trees and rocks covered with lichen and moss blankets, spruces with hanging moss. While having the break will see nice view over the forest and blue lakes. You have also a possibility to visit Haltia Finnish Nature center, which is a nice option especially in rainy days. A small snack and juice are included in this trip.

We recommend clothing according to the weather. Hiking shoes are perfect, but you survive also fine with normal walking shoes or sneakers. Beach flip flops or high heels are not recommended. Also, taking some extra clothes, like warm pullover or waterproof jacket might be a good idea. If it's raining, we have ponchos to borrow. Especially, if it is hot weather, it is recommended to take also a small water bottle with you.

Nuuksio National Park trip is available 2-5 times a week during the summer season, which you can check on our booking site. If you would like to have this trip in some other day or as a private trip, please contact us and we will try to arrange it according to your wishes. Welcome!